Makeup Artist Myth #3: The One-Brand Make-up Artist

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I started this post about a month ago, and re-wrote it several times. Mainly because I didn’t want to seem like I was bashing brands, as some readers might be sensitive to me mentioning it. Anyhow, a number of questions is always asked from my clients, in particular, “What brand do you use in your kit?” I normally respond with a half-laugh, and say “ALL OF THEM.”

I go on to further explain that I test products prior to adding them to my kit, and there are a number of professional grade products, as well as easily accessible consumer products (that meet the makeup artist standard) that I will only use. I list the best of the basic, and answer any specific questions, per say a client needs advice on the best mascara for lengthening lashes…and so on and so forth.

Mainstream retail makeup and cosmetics sold at your local malls, drug stores, and Sephora’s are the brands that a non-makeup artist is familiar with. For a makeup artist to literally list the names of all the brands she has in her kit is possible, though time consuming. I will say, that a makeup artist who only carries one brand of makeup in their kit, is limiting. Some clients are sensitive to certain brands, some jobs require different degrees of makeup and complexity, that not one brand will be able to complete the look.

For example, I use Temptu’s Silicone-Based Air Brush Foundation, with RCMA thinner, through a IWATA Airbrush gun and machine. Not all the same makeup brand because I prefer that RCMA thinner to Temptu’s as I had issues with Temptu’s thinner, and don’t even get me started on airbrush machines lol! These brands are not as popular per say MAC, but in the Makeup Artistry World, these are some of the “Holy Grail Makeup Essentials” in our field.

My brushes, are an eclectic mix of actual art brushes, and makeup brushes that cost me from $3.00 upwards of $20.00 per brush (thanks to pro-discounts) but why? Because I tested the brushes for softness and durability. I don’t buy for the brand, I buy for my clients, and the quality. Just because a product is a “name brand,” doesn’t make it a Professional Grade product, the name just adds to retail the price.

Any seasoned makeup artist knows, that with makeup and cosmetics, there is no perfect brand that will do everything for every client. We are your best “Gurus” when it comes cosmetics and skin care,  because we professionally work with those mediums everyday. We regularly research and test products first, before purchasing the item for our kit, to service our clients with. As makeup artists, it is our duty to provide a variety of cosmetics for any skin type, condition, or situation.

I am not saying that a makeup artist carries “cheap” brands in her kit, but rather to fully understand that a seasoned makeup artist will have the best of the best she can get her hands on when it comes to servicing her clients. Additionally, there are some makeup artists who do have kits that are mostly one brand- this is due to a great discount they might’ve received from the company, or strictly promotional purposes.

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