New!! Fab-Five-Friday 28-Oct-2011

My biggest gripe about blogging is creatively coming up with new content without sounding like a “blogging broken record.” I try my best to make my content both original and engaging, hoping that my readers would come back for more. Granted, I’m not a frequent enough blogger, nor do I have a big following (yet)  but sometimes multiple posts over a short period of time- can be both overwhelming and time consuming.
I figure, why not start something I’ve always wanted to do, in which I share a couple of my favorite things that I’ve “discovered,” maybe my readers would like to try these items too?
So off we go to a new series of Fab-Fave-Fridays, where I will share with you some of my favorite things of the week not limited to just makeup and beauty, but websites, trinkets, and just plain random things that either (a) I love or (b) find useful or beneficial.

1. iPhone App
If you read a large number of blogs and are an on-the-go type of person who is hardly ever on your laptop, the app is a wonderful RSS reader. Displays your feeds beautifully with graceful scrolling through each article. It enables you to mark your favorite (by clicking the “Star icon” button on the app) articles to read later, and allows you to retrieve your list of saved articles to read from your desktop. Personally, I check my favorite news/ blogs every other day or so, star the ones that are interesting, and read them at my convenience at a later time. Here’s a screenshot of my Pulse:

2. Beauty Society Enormous Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum & Conditioner

Those who know me personally, know I love me some fake eyelashes, or “fakies” as I like to call them. Most recently, it’s been a love/hate relationship with fake eyelashes. I have been wearing fake eyelashes since I discovered makeup, so through my extended use, I have a few bald spots through my lash line and the constant pulling of the eyelash glue upon removal has somewhat aged my eyelids. But oh my goodness I love the way fakies look when I put them on.

Moving on..As I announced yesterday, I am now a Beauty Society Diva, and one of the perks of becoming a Beauty Society Diva is being able to purchase products at a discount. Anyhow, the Beauty Society Enormous Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum & Conditioner was included in my kit, and since I am unable to sanitarily demo it on each person, I decided to demo it on myself for the next 30 days. I’ll post a progress update in the next coming weeks regarding this product, but here’s what I love:
Seriously, it doesn’t sting.

Seriously, it’s safe.

Seriously, if this thing really helps me re-grow my lashes, I will never ever stop using it, and trash my fakies.

Here’s the link to the info and results pictures of women who have used this product:

3. Kathy Van Zeeland Key Rings

I have a ridiculous collection of Kathy Van Zeeland purses. Years ago, my friend Elaine had the cutest white Kathy Van Zeeland purse and I knew I just had to have one…or ten of them lol! Anyway, I just love the keychains that come with the purses, and sometimes even buy the purse just for the keychain. They’re super cute, fabulous, and I love the sound of my keys jingling with the keychains..Back in my coporate America days, it was one of the ways my co-workers knew I was in the office ha ha.

4. LORAC Eyeshadow

As a makeup artist, I am also on the quest for the next greatest thing..but when I stumble on a makeup item that I love, I’m obsessed. A few months ago, I restocked my kit with a multitude of eyeshadows, since moving around and using the metro (darn stairs and escalators) had shattered my shadows despite my attempts to protect them. I picked up a couple shades from LORAC, and fell inlove with the shadows deep, true pigmentation, velvety texture, and professional finish.

5. Google +

How I wish everyone would just join the bandwagon of Google +. Yes it’s different, but it’s much more user-friendly than the new Facebook “improvements” has implemented in the past month. Just like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, Google+ takes some getting used to but the learning curve is not steep. Everytime I log into the desktop version for Facebook, all I see is Social Networking Clutter, not to mention the iPhone app being consistently inconsistent.

Anyway, there are enough articles on the web of how much better Google+ is  versus Facebook that I will leave it at that.

On Google+ or want to join? Find me HERE.



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