Spook-tacular Halloween Makeup

By Kimberly Roberson

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Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts! Oh My!

We are about two weeks away from Halloween festivities, and if you haven’t decided on a costume as of yet, you can opt to create your own unique costume with a little creativity, makeup, and blending. Additionally, you can use makeup to add a little extra scare-factor.
We’ve picked three professional-grade cosmetic options for Halloween that can be used alone or together, to help you create any look:  from the vampiest of vampires, to the sweetest of sugar skulls. Our recommendations are not your typical bargain, novelty Halloween makeup you would find at your local pop-up Halloween stores. Rather, the makeup we are recommending are high-quality, theater grade, realistic alternatives, that we can almost guarantee you will win this year’s Halloween costume contests!

Make-Up Forever Flash Color Palette


Available at Sephora $99

This palette is a staple in most makeup artists’ kits, mostly because of it’s versatility to be able to mix the colors with different mediums such as lipsticks and foundations to adjust coloring and tones. However, its pigmentation is top-notch, and colors can be used straight from the palette to create pale complexions, “blood” stained lips, and creepy veins. Though it’s price point is a bit on the higher-end, the colors in the palette are generously filled, and can be used year-round with your everyday makeup you already have on hand to change the tone, or finish of any makeup item.

“Hurt Box”

Need to add a wound gash or bullet hole to your costume? “Hurt Box” by Brian Kinney has made creating that effect easier for non-makeup artists by providing pre-made wounds!

To Apply:

  • Pick any wound from the box, apply with either false lash glue, or Spirit Gum.
  • Blend your skin tone shade of foundation or concealer over the “wound”
  • Apply shades of red (you can even use fake blood!), green, brown, or purple to intensify wound severity.

These “wounds” are very realistic when applied properly and grotesquely, so make sure to give mom and/or dad a heads up prior to visiting them in your costume, saving them a thrilling scare!

Ben Nye Character Kits

Available at StageMakeupOnline.com Starting at $18

Available at StageMakeupOnline.com Starting at $18

Stage makeup extraordinaire Ben Nye has developed 10 different character kits fully loaded with all you would need to complete your Halloween look. Available at affordable prices, you can opt to become a spellbinding witch, a sassy cat, and more! Each kit accommodates up to 4-6 applications, meaning you can use each kit multiple times for all your Halloween festivities.

Happy Spooking!


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