Fly Gyal’s Top 10 Makeup Brush Picks

By Kimberly Roberson

(Originally Posted on Fly Gyal)

The cosmetic brush industry has grown rapidly over the past years, and with new up and coming brands releasing “the next best brush,” and popular brands like M.A.C. keeping their stakehold on the brush industry, it can be difficult for any non-professional makeup artist to choose their brushes.

We would like to start off by saying, your brush collection does not need to be from the same brand or company, unless you like your brushes to have a certain cohesiveness. Some, but not all brushes are made equally, and the prestigious reputation of certain brands does not always make it more efficient. There are plenty of affordable options to choose from if you understand how to choose your brushes and how to use them properly. In addition, higher end brushes are sometimes one-of-a-kind and finding something similar is nearly impossible.

We will discuss in a later post of how to choose makeup brushes based on features, density, and quality;  but for now, we will share the best, professionally approved makeup brushes guaranteed to achieve any look your heart desires!

photo 1
M.A.C. #239 Eye Shader Brush ($25): The perfect brush for “packing on” color, or building the intensity of any eyeshadow color. The bristles are densely bundled, made of quality goat hair, that allows eyeshadows to “stick” to the brush, and deposit color almost precisely on the lid, with minimum fall-out.

M.A.C. #217 Blending Brush ($24): This amazing brush is worth the price, with it’s multi-function features, as there is not a brush we have found that performs the same. Though it looks similar to the M.A.C. #239 Brush, and are made of the same fibres- it functions completely differently. The bristles are not as densely packed, allowing you to create soft, washes of eyeshadow color on the eyelid. In addition, use the tip of the brush to blend eyeshadows.

Real Techniques- Fine Eyeliner Brush ($6): Looking to create the finest, close-to-perfect cat eye? Soft, and densely bundled bristles compacted into this tiny brush, allows you to create fine, detailed lines.

Sigma E65-Small Angle Brush ($10): Compact and multi-functional, this brush helps fill in sparse areas of the brows, and allows you to create winged-eyeliner looks.

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Blending Brush ($16): Love smokey eyes or softened eyeliner? Then this brush is the brush for you! Made of synthetic fibres, this ultra-soft brush works wonderfully with eyeshadows, and cream or pencil eyeliners.

photo 2
Real Techniques- Expert Face Brush ($9): One of the best foundation brushes for liquid foundations.  The bristles are soft and made of synthetic fibers. The bristles are also densely packed, which allows for full coverage liquid or creme foundation application. The brush features a “standing” feature which allows for easy and sanitary storage in-between uses.

MAC #130 Short Duo-Fibre Brush ($42):  A “holy grail” makeup foundation brush that allows sheer to medium coverage of any liquid or cream foundation. The bristles are soft, duo-fibre bristles- meaning that the tip of the bristles are synthetic, and the base of the bristles are natural hair. The duo-fibre bristles allow cream or liquid foundations to be buffed into the skin, creating a beautiful airbrush finish.

Royal & Langnickel  BX-10 [R]evolution Sm. Powder Brush ($39.99): This face brush is truly revolutionary! The technology behind this brush is that is made with DuPont™ Natrafil® fibres which are synthetic fibres that mimic the performance of brushes made with natural hair. On the contrary, it does not absorb as much product as a natural brush, therefore, you are wasting less product in the long run.

photo 3
M.A.C. #318 Retractable Lip Brush ($24): Beautifully crafted, and makeup bag friendly. This brush is perfect for keeping your lips picture ready!

Sonia Kashuk Retractable Lip Brush ($6.99): A similar, more affordable option to the M.A.C. #318 brush, performs just a well and is utilized with the same retractable feature. Other than the shape of the bristiles, the only difference between the two brushes is the craftsmanship. M.A.C. #318 is made with nickel, and the Sonia Kashuk version is made of plastic and aluminum.