False Lashes 101: Choosing the Right Pair

By Kimberly Roberson

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Enhancing your eyelashes with false lashes can give you one or more of the following benefits: Complete your outfit, change your makeup look, and/or dramatize your eye makeup. There are a variety of styles and brands you can choose from, and sometimes determining the best false lash for any makeup look is almost just as tedious as the actual applying of false lashes.

To determine the best false lash for your makeup look, here are some key attributes to keep in mind while shopping for false lashes:

Type: False lashes are available in full strip pairs, half-strip pairs, and individuals.

Full Strip Lashes

Full strip lashes are a wonderful choice if you are pressed for time, and need to choose from a variety of different lengths and fullness. You can also find full-strip lashes that are short enough to enhance your lower lash line.


Half-strip pairs are just as wonderful and versatile as full-strip lashes. Half-strip lashes are recommended if you already have full and/or long lashes, and want to enhance the outer corners of your eyes with length. Application time with half-strip lashes is cut in half, versus application with a full strip lash.

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes can be used just like half-strip pairs-by adding flair to the outer corners of your eyes. Additionally, individual lashes can be applied to the entire natural lash line. Be advised, applying individual lashes to the entire lash line is time consuming, and requires much more attention to detail. Individual lashes come in limited lengths: Short, Medium, and Long. You determine the fullness by layering or overlapping the individual over each other.

Length: Keep in mind the longer the false lash is, the more of a shadow it will cast over under eye area with over-head lighting. Try to choose lashes that are slightly longer than your natural lashes, but no more than double your natural lash length.

*Pro-tip: The more your eye “protrudes” from the eye socket, lashes with less length, and more density are more flattering. In contrast, the more deep-set your eyes are, longer length lashes would help bring the eyes more forward.

Density: The fullness of your false lash will alter the look of any eye makeup dramatically. Additionally, the more full or dense the false lash is, you will notice more “weight” on your natural lash.

*Pro-Tip: Stack a fuller lash style with a longer lash style to give a full, yet fluttery eyelash effect.

Lash Hair Type: False lashes come in either synthetic or human hair. Human hair is your best option for a more natural look, as synthetic-made lashes show more “shine” when photographed. Synthetic lashes are typically denser than human hair, and are usually a lower price point.

Seam: The seam of the lash is where the false lashes are bundled and the area where you would apply glue, and apply the false lash to the natural lash line. The thicker the seam, the more difficult it is to manipulate the shape of the lash when it is applied to the lash line. A majority of false lashes are made with a black seam to help disguise false lashes. False lashes are also available with invisible (clear) seams. Lashes with invisible seams appear more natural and are usually easier to manipulate when applying the lash to the lash line.

Curl:  The curlier a lash is, the more “lifted” and open the eye will look.  You can also re-curl the false lash with a eyelash curler until you get your desired curl.

Great brands to check out:





Red Cherry Lashes

Stay tuned for next week’s post to learn how to apply false lashes like a pro!

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