The Fab-Bride Series: Bridal Makeup Inspiration

Bridal Beauty is one of the most rewarding jobs for me as a makeup artist. There’s something about doing makeup for a woman in love, excited, about to make a big step in her life, and I get to be a part of her special day by enhancing her beauty. Bridal Beauty is one of the medias of makeup of which a tremendous amount of attention to detail, and psychology comes into play. Most brides want to look like an enhanced, polished, refined version of themselves, and few brides want a complete transformation. As a makeup artist, it’s important to achieve this while keeping the bride calm and relaxed- admist all the wedding planning and shenanigans during the wedding day. It’s an amazing experience, and every bride is unique in her own special way.

I don’t get to share all the images of my brides due to photo releases, (you can view the few I was able to obtain of Brides I have done on my portfolio website at but I wanted to share a few traditional makeup looks that I loved performed by other artists. Again, these images are not my work, it is hard finding the original artists for photos these days with Instagram, Pinterest, and whatnot around these days and pictures shared without any original credits or mentions unless otherwise watermarked.
I would love to credit the makeup artists because they inspire me to create beautiful looks for my brides. The only ones I was able to credit because of the obvious are the amazing makeup artists Troy Jensen and  Sam Fine. Google them, they are AMAZING!

Copyright: Troy Jensen


If this is your photo- please contact me to remove or add credit 🙂

If this is your photo please contact me to remove or add credit

Copyright: Makeup Artist Sam Fine