Series: Makeup Ads~Throwback & Flashforward

Makeup and  the method of enhancing beauty has been around since the early times, as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans. From the Japanese Geishas where they adorned and transformed their faces and bodies with vibrant coloring and bases, to the early 1900s when Max Factor Senior sold his lipsticks and creams in America. And now, to the modern day world of hundreds, if not thousands of different makeup and cosmetic brands consumers can choose from, with newer brands launched every year,  it’s become hard to keep up with.  Beauty and makeup is ever*changing and has a rich, and very colorful history.

In the 20th-21st century, makeup ads became a primary source for makeup brands to reach consumers. I’m starting this series as a fun way to go back in time to look at ads our grandmothers, or mothers were inspired by and compare it to the makeup ads distributed in today’s modern world. Let’s take a look at Max Factor and Revlon Ads:

Max Factor 1936

Max Factor 2009

Revlon circa 1960s

Revlon 2012