Skin Care: My Best Tips for Healthy Skin

I’ve always said that great makeup, starts with great skin.
And great skin, starts with great skin care.

Anyhow, I’d like to share my daily skin care routine, and I have “starred” (meaning *) the products I use on a regular basis on my clients and makeup projects.


As in drinking water. Lots of it. Costco loves customers like me because I buy 1-2 cases of bottled water a week- and that’s for a household of two people. (Yes, I recycle too- I know it’s better for the environment to use a refillable water bottle, but I am constantly pressed for time and it’s easier to just to grab a couple bottles on my way out the door)
Other than the obvious health benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated, it’s good for your skin! Here’s some interesting information about how water affects your skin, from

“The fact is that skin is an organ, and just like any other part of the body. your skin is made up of cells. And skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. Without water, the organs will certainly not function properly or at their best.

If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling.”

Folic Acid

400 micrograms per day. I’m not really taking it for pre-natal reasons. But Folic Acid is somewhat of a miracle vitamin. Folic Acid helps the body generate new red blood cells (red blood cells help carry oxygen to organs), some studies found that it might help prevent the develop of cancer, and among all other wonderful health benefits it has,  numerous amounts of women I know take the folic acid supplement for beauty reasons. I have friends who take it to help their hair and nails grow longer and stronger, and the most obvious change I see from taking Folic Acid=a healthy radiant glow of the skin.
Within a month of taking folic acid, I noticed a rosy glow on my cheeks, kind of like a soft blush.
My skin texture changed and looked healthier. My lips are rosier. The whites of my eyes are brighter. This makes running errands in the morning with no time for makeup, tolerable and I’m not ashamed to be bare-faced while facing the world.

On to the products
You should know by now I am ALL ABOUT Beauty Society.
Not just because I am a consultant for the company, but this stuff-this fabulous stuff-is incredible.
It’s the only company I found that had a whole line of products completely Paraben-free and Sulfate free. The CEO and Founder of Beauty Society Jeannie Lorin, spent an enormous amount of time and resources to develop a line that was created with the most cutting edge technology and ingredients.
Like: Apple Stem Cells- Apples that never age or rot.
Sea Whip Extract- which is a hundred times more soothing than Aloe Vera!
*Verbiage in italics were taken from Beauty Society’s product guide to give you more in-depth information.Copyrights to images of Beauty Society products: Beauty Society Inc.

(To purchase Beauty Society Products, click on any images below or click here.)

Set Me Free

I personally use this daily, as I my skin is prone to oil- it is fabulous and doesn’t sting my eyes when removing eye makeup. Since I started using this cleanser, I’ve had nearly zero breakouts and my pores have shrunk to non-existence!

• Tea tree oil instantly dissolves surface oil
• Great for dry skin or for those that prefer a sudsy cleanser
• Dissolves make up instantly
• Great for cleansing Beauty Society Make Up Brushes
• A perfect cleanser for back and shoulder acne

Key Ingredients:
TEA TREE OIL (Malaleuca Alternafolia): Glycolic/amino acid complex ensures maximum AHA delivey
with minimum discomfort. WILLOWBARK (Salix Nigra): Natural salicylic acid helps dissolve cells that block pores; helps maintain moisture. SAPONINS: Natural cleanser from yucca, chickweed & quilalla.

Anytime, Anywhere*

This is BY FAR the best moisturizer I have ever used on my skin and clients’ skin. It’s considered a “Smart Moisturizer” because it is a time-released moisturizer that gives you moisture when you need it, and oil control when you don’t. I’ve noticed a  significant difference on set using this moisturizer, less touchups and less oil on models who have skin prone to oil. Definitely a MUST in any makeup artist’s kit.

Anytime Anywhere can be worn day & night, delivering deep hy­dration and moisture for up to 20 hours per application. Saturated in skin-revitalizing Vitamin A, sun-damage correcting Vitamin C, age-fighting Vitamin E and three types of moisturizing agents (including sodium hyaluronate; which acts as an extra strength moisture magnet). This cor­rective moisturizer leaves skin feeling supple, soft and hydrated all day long. So go ahead, smooth it on. Anytime. Anywhere. We promise… your face will love you for it.

Key Ingredients:
FARNESOL COMPLEX: Derived from roses, helps normalize oily skin in 15 days, dry skin 45 days, restoring the proper water to oil ratios in the skin. TOCOPHERYL LINOLEATE: Moisturizing Vitamin E, delivers a com­forting reservoir of moisture between skin cells for up to 20 hours. PETINYL PALMITATEL: Stabilized ester of Vitamin A helps smooth ne lines and wrinkles. ASCORBYL METHYLSILANOL PECTINATE: Stabilized, time-released Vitamin C helps fight sun-damaged skin. SODIUM HYALURONATE: Extra-strength moisture magnet delivers immediate hydration and control binding up to1000 times its weight in water in the skin.

Immortal Eyes*

Models’ favorite. My models/clients love this for early morning shoots or events. It has somewhat of a “cooling effect” that perks up tired eyes. Another Makeup Artist Kit Staple.
Personally, this is the only eye creme I have noticed a significant change with the small wrinkles I do have (Husband and friends think I’m crazy because they think I have no wrinkles lol)
It has Apple Stem Cells in it, which long story short, it’s a serum from an apple that never rots or ages. How AWESOME is that?!?!?

This revolutionary ultra-hydrating crème-gel utilizes cultured stem cells from Uttwiler Spätlauber, a rare Swiss apple known for its potent age defying and anti-wrinkle effects. When combined with powerful time-released ceramides, peptides and high concen­trations of Vitamins A, C, E and CoQ10 this eye serum effectively targets the wrinkles, sagging and sun-damage on and around the delicate eye area. Smoothing and lifting occurs almost instantly and dramatic improvement can be expected in 28 days.
The skin under the eye is more prone to wrinkles, sagging and sun/collagen damage because it has no oil glands and is considerably thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. Emollients like triglycerides and hyaluronic acid deeply hydrate, further reduc­ing crepiness as they soften and rejuvenate the skin, while preventing new lines from forming.
The Breakthrough technology behind this eye crème-gel will teach your skin to alter its aging behavior by prolonging the longevity of your own stem cells. Serving as a mediator between time and your cellular com­municators, this revolutionary treatment will combat and reverse chronological aging.
Multiple clinical studies document a dramatic reduction in wrinkle depth, under eye darkness, and damage; as well as tremendous improvement in under eye tone and texture on 100% of the individuals who used the product twice daily for 28 days. You can’t turn back the hands of time… but you can sure look like you did.

Key Ingredients:
MALUS DOMESTICA FRUIT CELL CULTURE EXTRACT: Active apple stem cells, protect longevity, delay cellular decay and combat aging, preserve and improve the look and vitality of skin. MATRIXL 3000 (Pal­mitoly oligopeptide/ Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7): multi-chain peptides, halt aging and repair wrinkled skin. CERAMIDES: (Sphingolipids) Strengthen skin, improve tone & texture, retain essential moisture. ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE: Time-released Vitamin C, repairs and reverses sun damage. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE: Vitamin E, keeps skin lipids fresh, protects youthful radiance. RETINYL PALMITATE: Vitamin A, irons out fine lines. UBIQUINONE: CoQ10, most potent anti-aging vitamin on the market. PHOSPHOLIPIDS: Moisturizing lip­ids provide a time released delivery system. SODIUM HYALURONATE: Super-hydrator, bonds 1000 times its weight in moisture to skin.


This was the one product from Beauty Society I was excited to try on myself and clients. It defintely is “Holy Grail” product when it comes to makeup artistry. Perfect for weddings and photoshoots!

This picture perfect translucent matte emulsion glides on to erase appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and uneven skin tones. A base of holographic molecules flawlessly reflect light to give the appearance of skin being viewed through a soft-focus lens, instantly giving your skin an unbelievably smooth texture.
Wear alone as make-up or under makeup for a super smooth, flawless look.
• Apply only a pea sized amount to the skin and allow to dry completely for at
least two minutes before applying foundation or powder
• Photo Shoot works great as a hair smoother after blow drying and styling
• Mixing Photo Shoot with your favorite liquid foundation will turn it in to a
tinted moisturizer
DIMETHICONE/DIMENTHICONE/VINYLDEMETHICONE CROSSPOLYMER: Line-diffusing ho­lographic molecule. SILICA: Light-diffusing micro-lenses soften harsh skin tones, visibly mute uneven color and discolorations. CHLORELLA VULGARIS: Algae extract protects and revives skin’s strengthen­ing proteins to produce deep-down line-smoothing over time. ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE (ATP): Cellular fuel molecule: energizes for youthful vitality. (pH 5.3)
All skin types.
Use in the morning or before going out for an evening on the town! Apply a thin layer on skin, neck and décolleté over your daily treatment. Allow to set before applying makeup.

Easy Going*

I use this in the P.M. as it has more moisture I can lock into my skin at night. I also love this as a general face cleanser and eye makeup remover on set- especially when doing looks with heavy makeup. Models love this cleanser because it doesn’t sting (sulfate free), and I’ve had reports of how fresh their skin feels after cleansing with Easy Going.

With natural cleansing agents knows as sapoinins derived from yucca, chickweed and quillalla; dirt, impurities and even the toughest eye makeup doesn’t stand a chance! Seawhip, green tea and pro-Vitamin B5 makes a fabulous cleanser for all skin types. But Easy Going is especially effective for sensitive (including rosacea), maturing and even the most dry skin types.
So, keep your skin calm, cool and collected with Easy Going.
• Dissolves makeup instantly
• Rinses completely, so toner is not required
• Skin feels ultra soft, fresh and comfortable
(signs that skin’s protective barrier is still intact after cleansing)
• For best results, cleanse skin in a circular motion for 3 minutes to
receive maximum benefits
• Recommended for sensitive, chemically treated, and skin with irritation
Key Ingredients:
YUCCA: Saponin rich natural plant cleanser for soothing. SAPONINS: Natural cleansers from yucca, chickweed and quillalla
GREEN TEA (Camellia Oleifera): Soothing plant antioxidants calms skin during the cleansing process.
SEA WHIP: Strongest soothing agent of all the sea plants.
PANTHENOL: Provitamin B5 keeps skin hydrated during the cleansing process.

Great news! I’ll be doing a giveaway soon on Beauty Society products- stay posted on my blog or Facebook for details!