Love Thy Parabens? (I hope not..)

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Parabens. Sounds and looks like a harmless word, or thing. But it’s actually controversially, deadly. Parabens are nearly in every health and beauty product we use today, unless of course- it is stated as “Paraben-Free.”

After reading and researching so much about parabens, I felt the need to purge nearly every single item in my personal collection and professional makeup artist kit, that had the word “PARABEN” in its ingredients. Some might say, “Parabens are in some high-end products..” and I say, obviously, that the company or brand does not believe in preventing cancer, no matter what it’s stance is for organizations they support for PR sake. I truly believe that any company that puts out a product that is paraben free, is more high-end than any fancy skincare/cosmetic item with a touted label and grotesquely high price tag. A company who takes the time to research and develop a product with the intentions of maintaining the health of their consumers, I would pay top dollar for, and you should too…Your life is worth it right?

Anyhow, I’d like to share an article that CEO and Founder Jeannie Lorin of Beauty Society shared with us Divas on Facebook. I am sure that after reading this, you might find yourself scouring your collections of makeup and skincare, tossing and purging paraben-rich products you might have.

Key words to look for in ingredients:


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What is paraben?

It is the short term for “para-hydroxybenzoate” This name actually covers a group of synthetic chemicals that are very frequently used in skincare and other cosmetics for preservation. From soap, shampoo, shaving cream, tooth paste, lotions and creams, many cosmetic products contain one or more chemicals from this group. Unfortunately, many health risks associated with the use of these chemicals has been discovered.
If parabens are bad why do cosmetic companies continue to use them?

The answer is easy, because they are cheap and effective. They lower the cost of production, and allow for a long shelf life.
Are parabens dangerous?
Many studies have been concluded that show the link between parabens and health risks. Parabens have not been declared dangerous by the FDA, thus are not banned in skincare. Certified organic creams must be completely paraben free.
What are the effects of parabens?

Breast cancer – there have been studies linking parabens to causing the development of tumors in the breast. Although unconfirmed, that they cause the tumors, parabens have been found tumors, and are known to increase estrogen levels, which is known to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Estrogen activity – parabens increase the body’s development of estrogen. This may lead to breast cancer.
Hormone imbalance – parabens interfere with the body’s hormone regulating system, called the endocrine system- This affects virtually all parts of our body and its functions. The endocrine system includes among others, hormone producing glands such as the thyroid, the thymus, the pancreas, the ovaries and the testes. Its effects control most functions of our body from moods, metabolism and reproduction. Parabens entering our body, even in small amounts, can potentially interfere with all these functions.

Allergic reactions – these chemicals have been found to cause allergic reactions from mild itching to serious rashes. Sometime reaction develop over time, after prolonged contact with cosmetics containing these preservatives.

Are parabens bad for the environment?
Parabens get washed down the drain with our shampoos, toothpaste and cosmetics and enter the water supply. They have been found in our drinking water, in the fish we eat, even in human breast milk!


–Check out Wikipedia’s Article on Parabens:


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