Linky-Party: Makeup Sites I <3Heart

I’m always asked which websites are best for certain areas of makeup, so I decided to compile the best of my list into this post. I didn’t get paid or receive product for mentioning these links, I just simply love to visit these sites and highly recommend them for anyone who is an aspiring makeup artist or just loves makeup 🙂

For beautiful makeup imagery and swatches, I go to:

For makeup inspiration, I visit: and (Deviant Art is not really makeup or makeup related but it’s a place where some artists showcase their beautiful work)

Site I often direct aspiring MUA’s (Makeup Artists) who don’t live nearby to me: (Mary Erickson’s site- one of the best MUA’s in the world!)  and (Kevin James Bennett- Another of the best of the best MUA’s- his site gives makeup kit recommendations), and California-based Makeup School: – ran by Celebrity Makeup Artist Maria Rivera (<3 you Maria!)

For un-biased (though sometimes biased depending on who’s reviewing the products), general reviews about a product I am curious about, I visit: (Great search feature)

Where I buy makeup either for myself or my kit: (West Coast Makeup Store- Ran by Mary Erickson-highly recommend!) , (Another California based makeup store),, (East Coast Makeup Artist Supplies- especially Airbrush tools, ran by Emmy Award Winning MUA Suzanne Patterson)


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