A little late…Fab-Five Friday 04-Nov-2011

I nearly forgot about this post until I was checking out some of the new updates to my website, so let’s cut to the chase!

1. My Cricut Create Machine

Most people don’t know this but I LOVE papercrafting and handmaking cards. One of very good friends had introduced me into the world of crafting six years ago, and I fell in love. There’s something about giving something handmade that makes it special,it’s one of a kind, and no one else can buy that very same card at the store. Anyhow, for those who are strangers to the world of papercrafting, the Cricut machine actually cuts different shapes, sizes, alphabet letters, and other templates on paper, vinyl, and even foundant depending on which cartridges you have. I’ve also used the machine to label my organization binders and bins.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a card I made for a friend – the rose was made from a cartridge that cut several different sizes of petals and I hotglued each petal to make the rose.

2. My Puppies: Zumie and Luna

These two will always be my favorites! I don’t have any children, but these little boogers fill that void for me just enough. Luna, my dark-chocolate lab, is calm, loving, and gentle. Zumie, my malti-shih-poo mix,  is spunky, fluffy, and silly.

They are complete total opposites of eachother, but cannot live without eachother. Kind of like my husband and myself.

3.  Beauty Society Set Me Free Cleanser

I’d hate to sound like a infomercial, but this cleansar is seriously the best I’ve tried. It’s sulfate-free which means it doesn’t sting if you get it in your eyes, and it’s non-stripping or abrasive. The formula is technically for oily-combination skin but it is gentle enough for normal-dry.

Here’s the verbiage about Set Me Free from Beauty Society

Set Me Free

(For those who have dry-normal skin, the “Easy Going Gentle Cleanser” will work wonderful for you). The BEST thing about this cleanser is that it minimizes the apprearance of pores (I testify after the first use that my pores shrunk!), and it works great as a eye-makeup remover-even waterproof mascara and left over eyelash glue gets washed away. It has a refreshing scent, and most times whenever I switch cleansers, I usually have a mini-breakout but 2 weeks after trying this stuff, no breakouts to report.

4. www.kabukimagic.com

Any makeup artist in the industry knows that Kabuki is one of the best, notoriously succesful makeup artists of our time. You can probably pick up an issue of Elle or Vogue magazine and I can almost guarentee you that his works of art are either in the ads or on the cover. I love to visit his website regularly to get inspired or just scroll through his galleries in awe. I have it on my bucket list to meet and have a chat with him so that I can pick his brain and try to figure out how he creates all that beautiful makeup magic with a brush.

5. Turquoise

For the past year, I have been obsessed with this shade of color. I am even in the progress of decorating my home in that color.  (www.houseofturquoise.com is my favorite site for design inspiration)

Something about the turquoise color is so calming, yet delightfully happy.  I’m hoping sometime soon, I’d be able to do a photoshoot  utilizing this beautiful shade. Kind of like this:

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