Forever In Love with Make-Up Forever HD Foundation

I have been holding in this excitement for a little over two weeks, as I have not really been able to keep a good blogging schedule. Thankfully, my schedule is a little lenient on me early this week as the next 2 weeks will be insane.

But Yes, I know everyone already knows that Make-Up Forever’s HD Foundation is Marvelous. But do you know what makes it even more FANTABULOUS? AIRBRUSHING with it!

A few weeks ago, during a job with my favorite model and client Rocket, she handed me her Make-Up Forever (MUFE) HD Foundation to airbrush with. And let me tell you, if you are a professional makeup artist, this foundation has to be a staple in your kit! If you’re not a professional makeup artist, I would highly recommend trying out this foundation, as I am sure you will absolutely love it, even when it is hand or brush applied.

In the past, I normally favored Temptu’s Silicone Based Foundation for airbrushing, now, my “holy grail” is MUFE HD Foundation.

What I love: The velvety finish, creating the most perfect dewy complexion without the oil. The high-pigmentation of this product, and the fact that it comes in 26 shades making it easy to find the perfect match or mix the perfect match for any skin tone.

Tips for Airbrushing with MUFE HD:

-Foundation must be thinned with foundation thinner, I used RCMA’s foundation thinner. (Found at– one of the best professional stores I regularly purchase from-great service, fast shipping!)

-One pass with the airbrush gives a natural finish, two passes with the airbrush gives a beautiful flawless finish without the cakieness.

-After airbrushing, give the foundation a 2-3 minutes to dry, then spray with a sealer (if needed, mostly for weddings) or powder with loose transclucent powder

-A little goes a long way, build to your satisfied coverage result.

Here’s a photo from R. Scarlett Photography of Rocket as I prepped her for her makeup and the after result of airbrushing, doesn’t she look so beautifully radiant?


16 thoughts on “Forever In Love with Make-Up Forever HD Foundation

  1. I have a Dinair airbrushing machine, can the makeup forever foundation be used in that? I am thinking if returning it and going to my local higher professional art store which have air brush machines. I hope you can help?

    • Hmmm..I’ve never used the Dinair airbrush so I don’t know too much about far as I know, any foundation can go through any airbrush as long as you have the right mixing medium (silicone w/silicone or water w/water) Since MUFE HD is silicone based you might want to make sure that the airbrush needle on you brush is thin enough to pass the foundation through..mine is .5mm so I hope that helps 🙂

  2. i had a dinair airbrush and hated it.I managed to seel it on ebay.The foundation went really really dry and cracked and it wiped straight off my skin.Dinair is water based so NO silicone in it what so ever, you’d ruin the needle

    • p.s) what airbrush can i use with the mufe hd foundation.Iv’e just ordered some samples to try and if its nice i may buy a airbrush but as the dinair is and was the worst iv’e ever tried im abit put off.

    • Hi Diana!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      It really all depends- in general I use 2-3 drops of thinner per 6-7 drops per foundation. If I want an even more natural look (barely there) I add a drop or two more drops of thinner. You have to be careful though because the RCMA thinner can make the foundation look oily if you put too much.

    • The RCMA foundation thinner can be used with any foundation you feel needs to be “cut” whether it is cream or liquid based. But just make sure the foundation is silicone based. Also use the thinner sparingly, a little goes a long way.

      • Thanks for the response! So, can you use any foundation in the airbrush system as long as its silicone based and thinned?

      • Yes, you can use any foundation through any airbrush machine as long as:
        -The needle is not too thick for the medium to go through
        -use silicone thinner with silicone foundation or water based thinner with water based foundation

        I will be holding an airbrush class this fall so if you would like to learn more, please use the contact tab and send your email so you can stay posted 🙂

  3. hi kimberly, ur blog so informative. im a new make up artist, n i want to use mufe hd foundation in my kit, so can u suggest 3-4 shades that i can mix together to make most common shade?

    thank u 😀

    • Hi Dhea,
      Along with the foundations you are going to need adjusters (primary colors plus black and white)..I would not limit yourself to purchasing that little amount of shades. It will limit your work in terms of perfectly matching skin tones.

      Here is what I have: (as recommended by Kevin J Bennett- emmy award winning MUA)
      Warm-#117, #128, #177 Cool-#115, #155, #178 Mixers- #110, #185

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