Makeup Talk with Master MUA Maria Rivera

As with modeling, acting, and photography, makeup artistry is a competitive industry where there will always be someone new, someone better, someone more talented.

And when you do meet that person who is better than you, you must not scowl while thinking your career might be over. Rather, you should genuinely smile and welcome that person with open arms!

As a makeup artist, I find that humbling yourself in this industry will get you further than turning your nose up to people, because you just never know what you can learn or who you could meet through that new  fabulous person! An artist should always strive to learn from someone better and more talented than themselves.

And, back to my list of “Absolutely Wonderful People” I have to add Celebrity Makeup Artist Maria Rivera. Do I think she is better than me as a makeup artist? Heck Yeah! And I am proud to say so, Maria’s has some MAD blending and makeup skills..I could only hope one day I could be as good as her!
Check out some of her work below:

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Maria has an extensive list of clients  from JM Magazine to the Ladies of Low Rider, and publications of which her work has been featured in Maxim Espanol, 944 Magazine, and Haute Magazine-to name a few. Not to mention, Maria is the KEY Makeup Artist for Project Ethos fashion shows, which features designers like Cardiwrap, Fredericks of Hollywood, and Seth Aaron Henderson (Project Runway Winner Season 7).

Me and Maria at LA Fashion Week with Project Ethos

I met Maria through a casting call she held for a team of makeup artists to assist her for a fashion show with Project Ethos in San Diego, and Maria was gracious enough to let me join the make-up team in Los Angeles for LA Fashion Week at the Avalon this past March.

What I love about Maria, is the team attitude and atmosphere she influences backstage, and how she guides people to make the best of their talent. Outside of all the fabulousness of our artistry, Maria is a down-to-earth wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend- who loves her family and TV show I Love Lucy. I am so honored to have been able to assist and learn from Maria, and also so grateful to have been able to build a friendship with her, that I was sad to leave California. But I am sure this is not the last I will see of Maria, as we are both intent on staying in touch!

So enough of my blabbing, I know you all are anxious to read what Maria has to say 🙂

Where did your love of makeup and makeup artistry begin?

I’ve loved makeup ever since I could remember.. I used to just do my friends’ makeup for fun, I didn’t know I would end up doing this for life:)

What do you consider as your big break as a makeup artist?

I’ve been really blessed.  There’s quite a few! I would say is: James Mark, my boss, owner, and editor of JM Magazine,  is very generous and amazing. Another person I would say helped me in my career was the amazingly talented, Danessa Myricks (google her:)). She’s my inspiration and where I want to be one day:)) Last but not least, but being the Key Makeup Artist for Project Ethos,  has been such an enriching and rewarding experience for me, and I would like to thank Jason Peskin for giving me this great opportunity.

What challenges have you faced in this industry since you began?

My biggest challenge is working with different personalities, and adjusting to each one to make their makeup experience with me, their best makeup experience.
What’s a typical day like for Celebrity Makeup Artist Maria Rivera?

When I’m working I usually work 12 hour days, but when I’m home I pretty much watch “I Love Lucy” in the morning-after getting the kids ready for school of course, then pick the kids up from school, make dinner for my family, and spend the evening reading the bible with my family..So pretty much, when I’m not working I enjoy spending as much time with my family.
Name someone famous you had a blast working with.

These are just a few of the famous and down to earth people I enjoyed working with: Masiela Lusha, Holly Madison, George Lopez, Kevin Ou and Manny Librodo

If we peeked inside your makeup kit what would we see/find?

You will find,,,, Laura Mercier, MAC, Boots UK, and other random beauty items.

What’s the one beauty item you can’t live without?

I cannot and will not live without my lipgloss;)

What advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists?

My advice to  anyone who’s thinking of becoming a makeup artist, is to be sure that this is what you want to do. People might think that being a makeup artist is easy work, glitz and glamour, you’re probably right lol…half the time!

But it really isn’t, being a makeup artist isn’t always easy, sometimes you work 12-18 hour days on your feet, and sometimes the people you deal with are very understand as with any job, there is still some stress that comes with it. So it isn’t always this glamorous lifestyle.

One way to see if makeup artistry as a career is right for you is to attend my Makeup 101 workshop just to test if makeup is really right for you.  This workshop is 16 hours long. With the workshop, you also get brushes and makeup to get you started in your career. After taking the Makeup 101 class, if you feel like this really is for you, you can advance to my 40 hour Pro-Class which comes with a larger Professional Makeup Kit.
But for those of you who just wants to learn how to apply makeup on themselves you can take my Personal Makeup Workshop- where I can help you customize the perfect makeup look for you.
For more information about my workshops please contact me at:

Give us your best beauty/makeup tips.

If you think you’ve blended enough, don’t stop and keep blending some more:))
Thanks Kimberly you are amazing:))

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