Dripping in Diamonds

Apologies for not being able to update this blog lately, the holidays were crazy and as I type this, hubby and I are on the start of our road trip back to California.

So for the next couple of blogs, I’m going to review a couple of items I purchased over the holiday season. I wanted to have some time with these products before giving you a full-blown review. The funny thing is, as much as I am addicted to glamour and makeup, I find myself purchasing items for my makeup kit more often than for myself.

First, Sonia Kashuk Dripping in Diamonds Brush Set- Holiday Limited Edition.

(Click on pictures for larger view)

My old personal brush collection (mix of MAC, Crown, and Mary Kay)  was starting to see its final days, and as my husband and I were in Target, he pointed out the brush set- as he referenced my rant about how I needed new brushes earlier that day. I decided, it was time for a new set- and I’ve heard some rave reviews about Sonia Kashuk’s brushes. It was only $19.99 for the holiday season- and last I checked it is still available in some Target stores and online for $21.99.

Here’s the description of the brush set from Target.com:

  • From professional makeup artist Sonia Kashuk: a selection of versatile, superior-quality brushes in a posh compact case
  • Includes a blush/powder brush, an eye shadow brush, an angled eye shadow brush and a lash/brow comb
  • Comes in a slim, stunning black case with clear jeweled accents
  • Makes a fabulous stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift
  • Pieces: 8

Initially, the style of the brush set is very classy, very glitzy, and made for the makeup diva within. The case the brushes come with, is sturdy and good quality. The “Glitter” on the case is not loose and does not have that rough-glitter feel- it’s actually woven into the fabric of the case. It fits all 8 brushes, and if you decide to add a few more brushes of your own, they should fit nicely (I decided to keep a few of my MAC & Crown brushes- as the Mary Kay ones shed like a labrador dog after each washing). The case can also dupe as an evening clutch if you choose-which I also love.

The Brushes are light-weight despite it’s “metal” look. The foundation, eyeliner, and eye contour brush are made of synthetic bristles. The powder brush, fluffy eye-blending brush, flat-top eye-brush, and lip brush are made of I think a mix of synthetic and animal bristles (not sure). The foundation brush surprised the heck out of me. I thought it was going to be the less efficient brush of the bunch but it’s actually my favorite. Though it is smaller in height than your typical foundation brush, the brushes are so compacted that the brush gives your foundation a streak-free finish.
My least favorite of the bunch are the 2 eye brushes (fluffy and flat-top)- though decent in bristle size and shape- the bristles are a little rough, especially for the delicate eye area. I am hoping that washing the brushes again with a milder brush cleaner and stronger conditioner will help soften the brushes.
The larger powder face brush, is better as a blush brush- it’s a little too wimpy for an all-over face brush, and is actually quite soft when applying product. As for the other brushes and their bristles, they are perfect for their uses. The eyeliner brush is slanted and can also be used for the eyebrows. I love the eye contour brush for highlighting the brow bone and inner eye area near the tear duct.

Over all, I rate the Sonia Kashuk Dripping in Diamonds brush set a 3.5 out of 5 fab-stars.  Mainly because of the 2 eye brushes that are a little on the rough side, but gave it an extra half-point because of the sturdy case that keeps brushes dust free and safe from getting “crushed” from traveling.

It’s a great starter set for a makeup newbie, or perfect for traveling. I would not recommend it as a pro-set for makeup artists, but all in all, a decent set to get the job done for personal use.
I’ll keep it until I order a brand spankin’ new set from Crown Brushes when I get to California 🙂 And either pawn it off to my younger sister or add it to my bag of extra brushes in case a job requires more than my 5 sets of brushes lol!

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