Your Dirty, Little…..MakeUp Bag

My Makeup Bag

With the New Year approaching, I’ve developed the cliché attitude of “Out with the Old, In with the New.” And of course, this applies to make-up.

If it wasn’t for the FlyLady, I would hardly take the initiative to clean my out purse every week. And being the fashionista I am, I usually switch purses depending on the season, or in most cases by mood.

Now I would hope that all of you do take the time, at least once a month to check your makeup bag. I know, life is crazy and your makeup bag is one of the last things on earth that you feel you need to worry about. But is your “dirty” little makeup bag worth a break out or pink eye? I THINK NOT!! Ha ha

That being said, I want all of you to take your purse and take out your makeup bag, or Ziploc bag (I know there are some lol), or whatever you carry your makeup in.

If your makeup bag is still in mint condition, keep it (but wipe the inside with a sanitizing wipe). If your makeup bag is covered with liner and shadow mess, clean it, or get a new one.  If your makeup bag is a Ziploc bag, throw it away and get a REAL makeup bag!

Now on to the makeup:

Throw away if it:

-Smells different from the first time you purchased it

-Is expired past its expected “shelf life” (most cosmetics are 2 years), if you can’t remember when you purchased an item then it is probably a good idea to toss it

-Discolored from the time you purchased it (usually with lipglosses and foundations)

-Balding old makeup brush

-Mascara so dry, it flakes when you put it on. (Most mascaras last about 3mos max)

Keep it if:

(assuming makeup is not expired)

-The powder (mostly eyeshadows) are broken. You can buy little craft containers to switch them over into. Or re-press them with 99% rubbing alcohol. (Click here for a tutorial)

-Lipstick is half-used. You can purchase a little pill box to transfer lipsticks over into, and create your self a little palette

-It’s a beautiful compact, even if the shadows are all used up or broken. Just clean it out and use it as your everyday go to mirror

This all might sound like a lot of work to go through just to clean out your makeup bag, but as you should know, cosmetics harbor bacteria. Speaking of, I hope you cleaned all your makeup after you got over the flu!

If you want to go an extra-step in makeup-bag sanitation, rub each shadow, lipstick, gloss, powder, & etc.. with a clean paper towel or tissue, then spritz with 99% alcohol. This is a major tip and MUST in makeup sanitation. Use a cleaning wipe (like Lysol) to clean the outside of the packaging.

And let’s not forget how fun it is to shop for brand-spankin-new makeup!

If you keep your makeup bag and cosmetics clean, I promise, you won’t break out!